What documents a Russian citizen must submit to get an Italian business visa?

  1. A passport, of course.
  2. Tickets to Italy a copy.
  3. Insurance for every day of stay covering at least 30 000 EUR.
  4. Travelers cheques or other proof of “financial support” while in Italy on the basis of 50 EUR/day.
  5. An invitation from the Italian party.
  6. A reference from an Italian Chamber Of Commerce that the Italian company does exist.
  7. A copy of the passport of the person who signed the invitation on behalf ot the Italian company.
  8. Hotel reservation confirmation for every day of stay in Italy.
  9. Filled in questionnaire with your addresses, phones, your parents’ and relatives info.
  10. Employment reference from your employer. Must have a stamp, a signature, your position and salary.
  11. A reference from the Chamber of Commerce (of Sweden, in our case) that the employer does exist.
  12. Statute of the company-employer.
  13. An invitation from the employer.
  14. Two photos.

If anything of the above is not supplied for at least someone in a group, the entire group won’t get a visa. Now, isn’t that gorgeous?

I hope we’ll get ours on Monday, sincerely.

Upd.: spent 4 more hours in the bloody embassy today, with partial success – me, Alik, Petr, Walrus, Evgen got our passports back with visas, while Kaamos – without. They simply let his passport slip unstamped among so many, apparently.

Upd2: No worries, I was watching out, he should get it tomorrow.

Upd3: The duration field in Alik’s, Petr’s, and Evgen’s passport was wrong.