While in Sorrento at a management team kick off, we had a guest lecture by Adam Bosworth.

Among many things, he spoke about company values. To achieve team cohesion, all company employees need at least a subset of these core values:

  • Fame - become famous, by making a great product
  • Fortune - money is king, earn a fortune, everything else comes second
  • Family - this job is good for your family, either by providing you with enough money and time for the family or by being your family
  • Freedom - being able to do what you want at work. You lose it when you get the first customer
  • Fun - because your work is fun
  • Force - because your work gives you a chance to improve lives of many people.

Any team can pick no more than two for its set of core values. When joining a company, make sure you share the core values of the team you join.