A lot of thinking recently has been devoted to getting a life. Currently I can not have a life and also get my work done the way I want. I’ve been watching people who seemed to be more effective, bugging them with silly questions, making observations about my own biorhythms and here is what I found:

  • I’m a night owl. My peak hours are in the evening. I can work late into the night easily
  • I need one hour just to think over the events of the day before I can fall asleep.
  • my performance depends on my mood
  • I have a sort of attention deficit disorder - I naturally switch to thinking about something else when encounter a predicament with the current task.

People who manage to actually have a life and also get things done are:

  • early birds
  • priorities driven. I can’t believe they are actually not dependent on the mood: rather, it seems, they have deeply internalized the priorities and their mood is a function of the priorities.
  • it seems they can actually focus a lot better than I do.
  • they are not more physically capable than I am. On the contrary, they spend more time to take care of their physical health than I do. I don’t listen to my body carefully enough and thus can easily drive myself to exhaustion.

Written at 2:47 am.