Tonight in the Moscow English Communication Club I enjoyed an interesting conversation with a member of We were arguing whether Universal Ethics exist or not, and if it does exist, whether it has to be self-evident or not. Stephen was aware and very supportive of the Open Source movement.

This got me thinking. Having been on board for almost 4 years, I’ve had a chance to read a lot of introduction letters, talk to people from whatever-the-current-number-is different countries, origins, beliefs. We have everyone in the company, vegans and catholics, atheists and Jehovah’s witnesses. Everyone inside and outside share the same belief - that open source is a good thing.

This sounds like abandoning slavery - the idea is in the set of core values of practically everyone.

No matter what the business model is, whether we as a company cross the chasm or not, there will be a product and organization that will tip.

This is encouraging :)