1.4.5 comes loaded with a bunch of fixes:
  • a new WAL I/O algorithm, increasing write-bound performance by at least 70%. The patch both lowers request processing latency, which gives us the lower performance boundary in single-connection benchmarks, and increases write throughput, giving 200%+ increase in multi-threaded write workloads,
  • use hardware CRC32 to calculate checksums when writing to the write ahead log,
  • it's now possible to push, pop, insert and delete fields in the middle of a tuple with UPDATE. Since one can pack multiple UPDATE commands into a single request, and these commands are then executed atomically, this is the most primitive form of multi-statement transaction support (other transaction features are in the pipeline),
  • more compact and efficient TREE indexes,
  • reverse iterators: you can now browse an index in reverse order,
  • positioned iteration over a multi-part index: it's possible to position an iterator in Lua using only a prefix of a multipart key, and retrieve all tuples which match the prefix,
  • full support of 64-bit integers in Lua (in addition to 32-bit integers, which we supported since 1.3),
  • a couple of dozen of bugfixes.

Whoever is using 1.4.4 I warmly recommend an upgrade: the performance boost is worth it. The release is fully backward compatible, and the team is on stand-by to fix anything our test coverage didn't catch.