It was careless to take along 5 books and 2 magazines. But I did read two books. The first one is Bridget Jones Diary , hilarious, my unconditional recommendation.

Umberto Eco “Foucault’s Pendulum” was interesting, but didn’t make an impression of a ground-breaking philosophical book. Maybe I expected too much, though. Eco plays with thousands of names, sources, books, historical events… and you get lost in all that. On the other hand there is more than just a philosophy. So, be prepared that the book is sometimes boring, is lengthy, but after all is a masterful writing and has quite a few interesting links, and read it.

Other than these two I peeked a couple of times into a Hebrew classbook, and studied almost all characters of the alphabet. I hope this is going to be the toughest part. But anyway my passion for a foreign language, if it’s not English, is usually short-term and doesn’t go any further than changing all passwords.