Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

I missed my flight to San Jose a week ago and got a chance to spend a few hours in Borders bookstore at the airport. This is the book I picked then. The book is about two simple ideas:

1) Your assets are foundation of your financial independence. An asset is something that generates income, not expenses. E.g. an own house or a car is not an asset in that definition (unless it’s out for rent).

2) Your most valuable asset is your mind.

This is a good book, I recommend it to everyone.

The ideas are so obvious that we hardly notice them among other simple but wrong ideas.

Besides, the book provides an alternative, critical view at the capitalist society, to the point of being, perhaps a great inspirational material for critisism of the Western society if we still lived in Soviet Union.

Some of the premises of the author I disagree with - e.g. the fact that tax system or anything else is broken is not a reason to sell ethical limits for wealthy old age, and some of the examples in the book look very much like this to me.