A few recent books:

“Foundation for Future Database Systems. The Third Manifesto” by C.J. Date and Hugh Darwen. An interesting and controversial book. In many cases completely rejects some practical arguments for the sake of purity of the model. A funny book too, as according to it, SQL is not a true relational language, which is a good reference to use when fingers are pointed at MySQL not being a relational database. Also gave a valuable insight why Bug#5719 should not be fixed. Despite this high appraisal, I don’t think the book matches its title.

“C++ Coding Standards” by Herb Sutter and Andrei Alexandrescu. A must-have book for C++ programmers, 200 pages of best programming style practices: basically, a summary of well-known sources, but now from the horse’s mouth.

“Exceptional C++ Style” by Herb Sutter. Looks like the contents of the book is available online, just like it was with “Exceptional C++”. I liked the previous book, so I bought (but haven’t read yet) this one too.