There is a way to implement git vimdiff that I didn’t find online. (For some reason git geeks take even the most mundane tasks as a hacking contest, so the most popular way of getting it done involves shell scripting, changing git diff defaults, and asking git diff not to make exceptions from the new defaults).

This is how I managed to do it:

    commit = commit -a
        vimdiff = difftool -y -x is a simple wrapper around vimdiff to help difftool understand that the checked out file needs to be on the left in 2-window vimdiff pane:

kostja@shmita:~$ find . -name '' -exec cat '{}' \;
vimdiff $2 $1

Even though this is not as cryptic as a typical online recipe, still more cryptic than in Bazaar (which I generally find long way more user-friendly):

kostja@shmita:~$ cat .bazaar/bazaar.conf 
diff = diff --diff-options=-p
vimdiff = diff --using=vimdiff

BTW, can anybody tell me why alias commit = commit -a doesn’t seem to work? Apparently you can’t redefine existing commands in git (you can do it in bzr).